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A few hours after his visions, for he knew that was what they had been, he seemed to forget and go about his usual business; messing with Fiona. Such games were… fun, and it all wasn't about sexual deviousness. When he and his fellow shape shifter got together they'd cause havoc throughout the house.

Evil got a bag full of rabies ridden puppies, courtesy of Drakonious (He had, at some point, been enlisted to help with the mayhem.) Howl ended up having his scarf stolen and used as a Togo by Fiona and Morphio at the same time.  Their last target had been Tuk, whom they managed to take off his mask and replace it with a Hockey mask.

The last trick nearly got Morphio's head punched off, but hey! He'd be dead soon and if that were the case then he'd get his fun in. Still, as the day rolled by, he knew his fate would soon be upon him. He had another day or so before he really needed to begin investigating. His contest, he knew, would not be a short one. They had to have traveled to and Fro in Katon unless they entered the realm of doors. That area was very similar to the Hall of Worlds within the rest house and he'd seen many a man get lost in the worlds when they entered that hidden village.

"Moooorphio! You're doing it again!" Fiona chirped into his air loud enough to bust his eardrum, which it did, and caused the man to flail wildly. Once he got himself back into order (And shifted some skin in to replace his torn up inner ear) he turned towards the pretty shape shifter.

Her blonde hair was braided and down past her ample rump. She lost a good bit of breast size but it didn't take away from her feline beauty.

Feline? Wait…

His eyes narrowed in on the girl and he leaned forward, touching noses with her, "Cara?"

She blinked and swatted at his cheek with a light blow, "How dare you forget me!" She giggled playfully and pulled him down in a sweet kiss before pushing him back and placing a hand on her hip.

"E-er, sorry Fi-Fi. Heheh, looked like a friend of mine from the past! Hahahah." Oh, how so many things circurated around his past, and his soon to be future. Did she know where they were going? Did she look through the painting and see Cara Cateran in her perputial guard duty? Or was it simply coincidence? Or maybe… Maybe she knew of his visions?

"Sooo… Why aaare you zoning out?"

The bandaged man shrugged and walked alongside the short woman, both of them heading towards the cafeteria, "Just thinking about tomorrow and yesterday. Long life means long memories."

"Weeell you should pay attention to me!" She hopped in front of her, her breasts jiggling slightly beneath her dress, small as they were.

"Probably should." He giggled slightly and leaned forward, "But I think my opponent's Tuk and taking my attention off that little fact miiiight get me killed." Might, might not have been the word.

His friend, or girlfriend, or maybe his judge, gasped lightly. "Who told you that! You're not suppose to know already, it's gotta be a surprise!"

"It's not like the results weren't posted after the last round, no one checks them. Weirdo's." He grinned a bit as he stepped through the double doors and took a seat at one of the large tables. Fiona sat next to him, her hand resting on his lap, and soon Evil dropped into a seat on the otherside of the table.

"Hey there…" Blood dripped from his face and hands, probably not his own, "I liked the gift you left me… Reminded me of my last match." He grinned and tossed a furry arm onto the table in front of Morphio. Red and white eyes glanced down at it and then back up at Evil before glancing down once more as the leg shifted into a bandage.

"Wow… You ripped cloth to shreds. Strong!" He giggled happily, even as Evil grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off his seat. There was no need to worry, none at all.

"Listen you mummified piece of shit…" Morphio responded to the man's words with a quick punch to Evil's face, an arm having shot out of his chest to nail him squarely.

"Now now…" The happy, high pitched voice shifted into something a bit lower, and quite a bit darker, "I don't care for your tone…" The white eye was gone and in its place was another crimson colored Iris.

The shorter, demonic, looking man rubbed his nose and let loose a growl. He was about to step in again, more than likely to tear apart the weak bastard who punched him. Morphio, though, didn't move to stop him, he just allowed his bandages to withdraw and his skin color to shift to a deep black. He grew in height, nearly a foot taller than what he had been.

When he opened his mouth to speak you could see the dagger like teeth, "Back away now unless you'd like to feel the way Zasha had… I can easily rip your arm off but I won't stop there. I'll happily shove your dismembered limb through your chest and pull your own heart out with it."

"H-hey Morph-Morph… You can't f-fight out here." The woman was back to her pale eyed, and pale haired form. She was staring up at the giant with slight worry. The former bandaged man had never shown any real signs of violence before and this was the first time she'd ever seen him take an unfamiliar form.

"Nah, let the guy fight. I wouldn't mind teaching him a lesson in respect." Evil licked his lips and slid his foot back, one hand coming up as if he were about to shoot forward but another voice stepped in.

"Listen… to the woman… John." A giant, probably a few inches taller than Morphio's new form, walked up to the group of three and placed his hand on both their soldiers where he squeezed down lightly. Well, lightly as far as Tuk probably assumed. The cracking gave away that neither of the two men had the bone density to really take that kind of force.  

"Giant fuck, let go of my shoulder!" Evil snapped his clawed hand around Tuk's arm and squeezed down roughly, the daggers on the ends of his fingers managing to sink into his skin. It didn't do much more than make Tuk squeeze down on both of them a bit harder.

Morphio allowed his bone structure to change to withstand the force a bit easier, but his eyes were narrowed and his anger began to flow even more, "Let go of me, boy… Before I rip your head from your-" A pinch on his ass distracted him from any more comment and he quickly shrunk down to his average size. Bandages seemed to slide from his skin and his straw hat fluttered back onto the top of his noggin.

"Whoa…" Finally the white eye came back, "I think I just lost a few seconds of my life there…" He cocked his head towards Evil, and then looked up at Tuk who had lost his grip once the man had shrunk down, "Hey big guy… I think fighting's not allowed. And… stop pinching my bum!"

He looked over to Fiona and lightly glared. She only whistled innocently, her hands now clasped behind her back and swaying her body left and right.

"You were… fighting… and…" This break between his speech lasted a tad longer than the rest. After a few seconds the behemoth shook his head, "Nevermind."

When Tuk let go of Evil, Evil let his claws slide out of the man's arm. He was about to jump at Tuk but Morphio's bandages had slid beneath the table and tied him to the seat and soon hardened into steel braces to keep him from getting up.

"Hah! Got'cha!" With that, Morphio popped out of his seat and took off in a dead sprint, his arms waving wildly in the air. Fiona had jumped up onto his back and held on.



"You know… If you're worried so much about me, you could simply kill me at the first opportunity rather than heal my mind. If what you say is true, then it's not going to hurt anything, it'll just split the timeline."  A white haired man sat on the edge of Morphio's bed, his green eyes were staring at the wooden floor boards.

"Won't work that way that far back… The split between the universes happened, if I'd hazard a guess, a century before you're… problem." Morphio sighed softly, "It's not like I'm capable of killing you at that point in history with my current power level anyway. You have to remember… You weren't a push over. You were wiping out armies with the Power of Mars at your disposal. It… really wasn't pretty."

The white haired man snorted, "Don't speak to me as if I forgot. Those are days, no matter how long I live, I will never forget." He turned his eyes away from the floor and gave Morphio a sideways glance.

"Doesn't change the problem. You're going to kill me… It's not a real big deal, I mean, I'll come back in another form somewhere else but… I'll have lost this tornoment and my wish will go on unfulfilled." He paused for a moment, a thought coming to the forefront of his mind, "I'm not greedy am I, for wanting to be freed?"

"Only if you think I'm greedy for killing my enemy."

"Yeah… That's what I thought."


"Ah…" Fiona flomped back into the bed, her eyes closed, her chest heaving, "Always so much fun! Heheh, so… that thing with the bandages, you can do it again, right?" She shifted beneath the comforter and wrapped her delicate arms around Morphio's bare chest.

"Heheh, you know it… But I gotta fight tomorrow and I'd like to conserve some of my awesomeness so I can kick Tuk around a bit." He wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her closer. For once he didn't have his bandages wrapped around his face.

"Aaaaw, come on! Just one more time?" She pouted up at him which got her a soft kiss, "Or you can do that. That's good too. Do it again!"

"Kay!" He gave her another kiss, this one a bit deeper. His hands wandered a bit, but not enough to spark another game of twister, "Hey… You don't know this here buuut… You're special to me. Be happy for me after tomorrow."

"Aw… It's okay if you lose, Morph-Morph, you can work for Drak and me! Heheh, you'll be my slaaave." Her lover laughed at that. He knew a dead man couldn't be a slave but he didn't want to upset her. Besides, he could still win, there were ways to work around it. He had the warning needed, he could change the future… He'd done it before.

'You also had your full powers when you did such things. You don't have them now, brother.' The dark, but honest voice, of Shadow echoed through his mind. He happily ignored it.

"Lady, you're my slave! Don't make me break out the collar!" She sat up instantly and held her neck out for him.


"Gods above and below… I love you."
The night had been fun, extremely fun, probably the most fun of his personal existence. What a way to live the night before you died! Now, however, the fun and games were over and it was time for him to begin his fight with Tuk. He wasn't sure when Tuk would arrive, or maybe he was already there, but it really wasn't' too much use wondering.

He'd find out eventually, good or bad, so for the moment he focused on finding the right world to enter. Fiona was walking behind him, a mischievous grin on her face. "Cooome on, Morph-Morph. Hurry up and pick a world!"

"Hold your horses, lady. I know where I'm going!" And he did, there was a small pang in his chest that grew faster as he moved down the endless hallway. Maybe it was sonar? Because he certainly wasn't afraid of death! Not him, nope!

'Fuck I'm going to die!' If one could see inside someone's mind, they'd see a chibified version of Morphio clinging to his hat and crying spouts of water.

"Here we are!" He stopped in front of a picture of a vast desert. The sand seemed to move within the picture, and the sky was pitch black. Two green eyes were painted in the background, like the eyes of God.

"Or the eyes of that World's destruction… Midnight…"

"Aaaand… Shove!" Two dainty hands slammed into Morphio's shoulder blades. This time, however, his bandages reacted and shot out, wrapping around her forearms and dragging her with him as they fell into the painting.

"Nooo, Morphio! This isn't faaaaaaair!"
The last of what I had written. There were going to be two more parts. Completely planned, all I needed was write them. Ah, but Military life sucks sometimes. I miss the deadline because I was stuck in an 18 day course from June 5th to June 22nd. I also missed my little nephews birth... by like... 6 hours. XD So, to those who think I just wasn't motivated. Not true, I was gonna have fun with this battle
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