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"You… really shouldn't have done that." The voice behind the door sounded way too close for the guard to really feel comfortable with. The door itself was made from solid steel; he shouldn't have been worried had it been a normal inmate.

But the inmate wasn't normal. A hand burst from the steel, claws tipping each finger, and the guard found his shirt snagged. He tried to pull free but the power was too surprising, his body was forced into the door.

He tried to pull away, he was close, the man only had a grip on his shirt but before he could tear himself off the hand, another one burst through the door and gripped his shoulder. No, not grip, it crushed his shoulder.

The poor guard let out a cry of pain, his voice bellowing down the empty hall. There was a cheer, a roar, of happiness that chorused from the other padded rooms. The other inmates had heard his terror and they cried out in happiness.

They were getting what was coming to them once and for all.

The hand gripping his shirt darted back into the room before ripping through metal once more, metal and flesh, it pierced his gut and gripped at his intestines.

The otherworldly pain was nearly too much for the large man, but the man behind the door wasn't done. The hand jerked out of his body and back into the room, it pulled a long, disgusting, rope or flesh and organ.

"Come on, bitch." The voice whispered, it had let go of his shoulder and from the hole the tortured man could see the cold green eyes glowing in the darkness of the room. "Unlock the door… Or…" The man let out a shriek when more of his intestines were pulled through the door, no doubt being cut by the jagged steel the hole left, "Die."

The man really hadn't much choice. He only stood on his two feet due to the adrenaline pumping through his body. It kept him from falling and losing even more of his precious organ. He knew, he knew the second that hand had grabbed at his shirt, that he was dead. This person, this monster, had been silent for two years. He'd been nice, easy to be with, but the guard remembered the old days.
Before he had been kind, and soft spoken, he had been the devil in disguise. Killing whenever someone allowed a weakness to show, constantly brutalizing those he saw as his captors. Not one year went by without some kind of death.

Still, he had hope; he hoped that the monster behind the door still had some type of kindness in him. So, with shaking, almost uncontrolled hands, he managed to unlock the door and pulling it as far as he could without tearing his own intestines up.

He felt another intense bout of pain when the hand was suddenly shoved back into his stomach… and then relief. It was a cooling experience, his body relaxing, his very flesh knitting back together around the wrist… Then he ripped his hand back out.

And still relief… The monster was healing him. It was so sweet, so calm. His mind was lost in such a daze of pleasure, he had no defense when the door swing open and slammed into his body, knocking him into blissful unconsciousness and to the cold, tiled, floor.

"Fuck." It was the monster now, he was growling again, "Didn't mean to knock him out… I could have used the info."

Had the guard been awake, he would have known that voice, and he would have been all the more terrified. It was the voice of the kind man, the one that had always smiled, even with the hellish world he lived in.

His psyche reports had told a story, a story of gentleness. "He wouldn't slap a dog if it bit him in the junk.' Had been Jack's way of explaining just what he was about, but luckily the man WAS unconscious, and no thoughts could really be passed.

An alarm suddenly blared. The green eyed killer lifted his bloodied hands to his ears and bit down on his lip. It was a painful sound, so annoying, so very annoying. It seemed to shake him, his ears were sensitive to sounds and this…

This was driving him further over the edge.

"You take my Fiona." His voice couldn't have been heard over the blaring, but the camera's were on him. Someone, somewhere, had been in a little room watching what he had done and had sounded for the guards.

Pitiful fools.

"Fools… fools… idiots… Dumbasses…" He kept his hands clamped around his ears and shot his head up as three men in those white coats came skidding into the hall, they all had guns held up, no doubt filled with his special kind of tranq.

He hadn't been tranqed in years.

"It won't work," he whispered as he took a step forward, it was a shakey movement. The alarm felt as if it were piercing his brain, but he still took another step, his body, his mind, slowly building defenses and healing his eardrums.

His body was adapting to the pain. A sliver of skin, growing in his ears, thickening to block the sounds; He could feel it but he knew… It would go away when the sounds stopped. He was a monster, his bodies ability to adapt to changes around him was something that wasn't natural and that was one of the reasons he was there.

He knew Ion's plans, the otherside had told him, and he knew he was nothing but an experiment to be used. The power didn't come from Ion, though, it came from his birth… Ion simply wanted it for himself.

Another step, this one more controlled, and another, and another… He was walking faster now and the guards steadied their aim.

All three shot.

All three hit him in the chest.

He didn't slow down. Not one bit. In fact, he began to move faster, his steps becoming even and quick.

"Run pitiful humans! Run now! I only want Ion!" The voice was a roar, it muted the alarms, and the guards shook. Three elephant tranquilizers hadn't even slowed the man down and he was coming closer. A vision of the Grim Reaper in their eyes.

They had been there since he was moved into the facility. They had seen what he could do but never had he shaken off that kind of sleeping agent.

In their fear, they were quick to grab the other gun they kept on them; these weapons were much more lethal. They told him to halt, though their own voices were shaky and hard to hear over the blaring sirens. They were terrified.

But they fired regardless; their bullets tearing through the monsters chest, ripping holes into his white gown. Red blood spurted from the holes, one had pierced his heart.

Other than a grimace, he didn't seem too fazed. The guards knew why a second later, the skin began to knit itself back together and the blood stopped flowing. They began to fire again, blowing holes into his torso, arms, and legs. And still, he moved, if with a slight limp.

The men in their white coats shook. They were terrified of this monster of a man but that fear took a backseat to their fear of Ion. All the Grim Reaper would do was kill them; Ion would use their bodies as experiments if the fled. To them, death was a much more welcome answer.

"Nari Cateran! Put your hands and body on the ground! This is your la- Urk!" It wasn't possible. Nari had been 10 feet away and then he was right in front of the speaker.  Nari's hand gripped the man's neck and lifted him several inches off the floor.

The guard's hands were slapping at Nari's wrist, trying to loosen the grip, and his feet swung wildly to find a surface that might take the strain off his neck and allow air to pass into his lungs. He found no reprieve in his attempts.

Below him those piercing green eyes stared through white bangs, eyebrows furrowed into a look of frustration. "I don't want to kill you," He spoke softly, but his next actions were anything but. He swung his body, as well as the man's; in a circle before throwing the poor fool into both of his bodies. All three guards hit the floor from the impact and the Cateran slammed a fist into the sternum of one of the men before kicking another in the side of the head.

There was no explosion of blood or gore. He was being gentle.

That left one last man in the realm of consciousness. "Where did he take her?" His voice was raised above that of the alarms but he was trying hard to not yell. He knew the man was shaken, probably half way into shock, he had been the same one he had thrown…

It was all a mind game in the end. The other one had taught him that.

"T-To h-his office." The man was stuttering, his eyes wide, one eye was red. A vessel popped from the pressure earlier. Not really that surprising, but it wasn't bad enough to be healed; he'd be okay in time; Nothing to worry about. There were bigger matters that needed to be taken care of.

"Thanks." He slammed the side of his hand into the man's ear, it burst his eardrum, and sent him into unconsciousness. He'd be deaf in one ear but at least he'd be alive.

The Cateran stood up and began to sprint down the hallway, there were a few more guards along the way, but he no longer needed any more information and while he hoped he hadn't killed any, he wasn't as gentle as before either. In two cases, he was sure they were dead, having slammed their skulls into the white walls with enough force to crumble the stone bricks.

In another case, he had ripped a man's arm off, tendons were hanging from his shoulder. That same arm was used as a club for three more men. At this point, it was about the time. He wasn't sure what Ion was going to do with Fiona, but those eyes he had seen… He had come himself to get her.

His guess was death… But not before being used one last time. He wouldn't let her die. These guards were innocent in that they were ignorant, or, they feared for their own lives and bodies. However, it was either them or her and he'd always choose her.

She was his sister, damnit!

"Come on!" He wondered how big the place really was. He had already encountered more than a dozen guards and still he could smell more of them but he could also smell the… Well, not so much of a smell.

Ion was had no smell and that alone was a smell to him. It was like a pocket of nothingness in the air, wherever he walked, there had been nothing, and then there was Fi's sent to go along with it.

He'd die. He was going to die; he wasn't going to die pretty either.

"Halt damnit!" The monsters head snapped up, he had been looking towards the ground as he ran, deep in his own thoughts and senses. Now he was staring up at five men and they didn't wear those white coats. In fact, he could hardly call them men.

They were monsters too. Their faces a bizarre mix of animal and man, one looked damned close to a bulldog. The skin around his neck was loose, as was his cheeks, you could see large gums and huge sharpened teeth on either side of his mouth. His eyes were circular, almost beady looking, with very little color.

Another looked like a rat, his kind of prey, his face angled with a small, rubbery nose. He had two teeth fused together dead center of his over bite. Nari was also fairly sure there was a long, hairless, tail coming out his backside.

Behind those two was a large, probably seven foot tall, monster of a man. His hair was poofy, more than even his grandfathers, and went down either side of his hand like a mane. His face was furrowed, wrinkling in just the right places to look like a constant snarl. His muscles were bulging in his heavy coat, clearly visible even as far as way as the Cateran was.

On either side of him were… They weren't even animal like now that he looked at them. Their faces were peeling away, bits of bone visible behind the flaps of skin. They lacked eyelids giving them a wide awake kind of look. Their arms were too long to be normal, hands handing past their knees, but at least they were skinny.

The one who spoke, the bull dog, let out a bit of a laugh. Nari did halt, he skidded to a halt in fact. His eyes were wide.

"Why don't you just go back to your room, Cat." Flapping skin, slobber, spit, drool, whatever you wanted to call it, slid from the sides of the bulldogs lips when he spoke. "Else we'll have to tear you apart."

"Don't lie to him," the booming voice of the Lion Man, "He's going to be torn apart either way."

Now a squeak, "And I get to have a bite, right?"

'Fools, damned fools! They think they're tough, that they're the monsters? Idiots!' His mind was raging now, though his body was shaking. To the monsters in front of him, it might have been seen out of fear.

But no, that wasn't the case.

Not at all.

"I'll rip you apart!" The shaking stop and the voice had become a roar of its own. The Lion had nothing on the Tiger that stood in front of the group. "You think you're scary?!"

"I'd say fatso is," the right spoke, "I mean, whenever he speaks he sprays so much water it's like being on a beach." That had gotten a laugh out of the lion and a growl from the dog.

Nari didn't really react other than bending down and touching the ground, "I'm going to show you the inside of your own body." The roar was gone; it was a simple statement with all the truth in the world behind it.

"What? You can't be serious." The rat scoffed, not seeing the small tendrils of blackness penetrating the floor. However, they did hear the grinding of stone turning to dust, and soon they could feel small tremors beneath their feet.

"You're in my way." The alarms still blared, by he had long adjusted to the volume, now it was no more than the wind in his ears; something he hadn't felt for a long time. The first move on the chess board had been played, a black worm like creature shot from the ground. It's mouth was nothing but a circle, with razor sharp fangs, the color it's skin, rotating in the black hole. The rat was agile, darting beneath the worm and off to the side. One of the unnamed monsters wasn't so lucky.

While it looked much scarier than the animal men, it was also much slower, and while the sentient monsters had jumped, or back pedaled, away… One of the true monsters had it's face caught in the creature gaping maw. Blood splattered around the small group, the rotating blades of teeth acting like a chainsaw and turning meat and bone into flakes of bloody dust.

The large worm didn't stop, it continued to devour the poor zombie like being until it's mouth was once again on the ground. It chewed through the tiles of the floor, and then into the stone beneath. It's attempt to go back underground was nearly complete when two powerful clawed hands gripped the tail of the black worm and ripped it back out.

The worm was colossus but the Lion man's power was something else entirely. He swung his body around and around, the creature swinging several feet above the floor, its front end constantly being smashed into the walls, breaking chunks of it off. The Lion built up speed, using the momentum of the heavy creature and his own powerful leg movements until he felt that he was going fast enough.

The rat and bulldog had run on either side of the hall, heading towards the Cateran, a distraction probably. But Nari was much quicker than they were and was moving steadily back, keeping them distanced.

But the plan had still worked well; he never even noticed the Lion letting go of the worm and letting it fly between the two other animals at extremely high speeds. It zoomed right past Rat, and Dog, and slammed into the Cateran.

Nari could heal, more than feel, the cracking of his rib cage and sternum from the force of the slam. He was also very aware that he was still being flown through the air and that his creation was going to crush him once they both finally hit the ground.

"I won't allow it!" Beyond his shirt and the remains of the straight jacket he had been forced to wear, a dark glow pulsed like a heartbeat, and the worm that had sent him flying began to lose its shape. Shadows resembled streams of air pushed into his body, the remains of the worm once again becoming a part of the Cateran heir.

That didn't really slow the man's landing, however. The back of his neck was the first to hit the hard floor, another audible crack, and following that his body began to flip and tumble across the ground.

He came to a sliding halt, his face bloody from the hard tiles, his body unmoving. He was still awake, of course, he wouldn't be put down so easily but his body wasn't listening to his commands. He had tried to raise up, an attempt to control his arms, but nothing happened. Not even a twitch.

"Aw, looks like you broke his neck, Nick." The rat's squeaky voice commented. Nari couldn't really see them, his vision blocked by the cold surface of the floor but he could still hear the soft footsteps coming nearer and nearer to his location.

Part of him was happy he was paralyzed, a very small part, because he was pretty damn sure his entire front side had been shattered and that kind of pain would have awakened the other side.

"Yeah, well, that just makes our job easier, doesn't it?" The lion this time, "A house cat."

'At least I'm natural, you bastard.' He couldn't put wind into his thoughts, was he even breathing? Did it matter?

"Yeah, but we wanted a handful of flesh ourselves, Nick. Whatever, at least the Ion's corpse will get a nice little meal from the shrimp." Nari recognized that as the Bulldog. Arrogant fools.

Did they not hear it? The cracking? Did they not see his chest pushing his body further up? Could they not see him healing right in front of them?

Nari's head slowly moved, at first, it had been lying so that the side was flat with his shoulder but that had to change for his body to heal, and slowly, it straightened itself back out. The other monsters were just chattering away.

'Billy, the rat; Nick, The lion, and Rod the Dog. Got it.'

"Hey, he's moving!" Billy grabbed Rod by the shirt and forced him to jump backwards not even a second before Nari rolled forwards attempted to shove his hand through the face of the Bulldog. Clawed fingers twitched in the air, as if feeling for his prize, but he had found nothing but air.

"Still moving, huh?" Nick ground out from Nari's left side, he hadn't moved away when the man had attacked; partially because his reflexes weren't as good as the two smaller men and partially because he felt no fear from the 'Puny Housecat.'

"Well, let's fix that!" The large clawed hand curled into a fist and he swung downward, attempting to slam his large fist into the base of Nari's newly reconstructed neck.

The smaller cat-like man took two steps forward, avoiding the hammer like fist, and twisted on his left feet, twirling himself into a round house kick that slammed into the Lion's side with enough force to send him skidding across the floor.

"Fuck, Nick! You alright?" Billy attempted to move past Nari to get to his friend, Rod called out a warning to the rat, the bulldog having seen the brief flash of light coming from the Cateran's chest, but it was too late. A black spike shot free from Nari's chest, penetrating the Billy's closest thigh, snapping through his femur and out the other side of his leg.

The spike disappeared not even a second later, it's purpose fulfilled, and with it gone, blood shot from the wound in squirts. He'd pierced the femoral artery.

"Bleed out, you son of a bitch." Nari growled out, his focus on the rat giving him tunnel vision long enough for Lion to sprint towards Nari's die and deliever a skull crushing punch to the side of his head. It sent the smaller man flying right into Rod.

Rod already saw this coming and opened his maw up to catch the Cateran midflight, gripping his arm in his teeth, and then began to shake.

Nari wasn't quite sure how the man's mouth had opened wide enough to pretty much fit the whole circumference of his arm into it's mouth, nor was he sure how the man's neck was powerful enough to actually drag Nari forcefully from side to side…

But it he was sure that he heard tearing. Gods, did it hurt. First, his humerus popped out of socket, and then the skin began to stretch and tear. The tendons were the last to go, they snapped, and along with the bone, crackled. With one last powerful jerk, his arm was torn completely from his body and Nari fell back to the ground, clutching his bloody shoulder.

"Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!" The rat screeched out, both his hands on his thighs, covering both sides of the leg to attempt and stop the massive amounts of blood loss. "Kill him before he heals again! Kill him, kill him! Break him!" Apparently Billy wasn't happy with Nari.

"Too late!" Confidence was building in him. He couldn't lose, there was too much at stake, but it wasn't just that, he could smell fear from the Rat and… It was intoxicating.

He hated when people looked at him with fear in their eyes, but only to those he cared for, these fools… These creatures… Their fear, he wanted it, he needed them to see just what they were against.

"Not yet, it's not!" The bull dog again, he was coming back for another piece. He couldn't feel what Nari felt, he couldn't feel the tingling sensation, he couldn't feel the bubbles of blood beneath his hand. Surely he could at least see that the blood had stopped gushing from between his fingers… Well.

Rod reached at him, his mouth open, and fangs ready to go for Nari's Jugular. He never saw the hand shoot towards his neck. Rod was caught, not even an inch from his opponent's neck, and he couldn't go forward no further. A second hand joined the first and began to squeeze with inhuman force.

"Told you it was too late," Nari growled. His fingers were beginning to dig into Rod's flesh and the Bulldog found himself being lifted off the ground as Nari made his way to his feet. Rod wanted to ask how the hand had caught him, how it was even there, but no words could be uttered, no air could escape his lungs. The hands around his neck held him with crushing force.

Nick tried to get to the two, he ran as fast he could but his strength didn't extend to his speed, he wasn't fast enough to stop Nari from snapping Rod's neck, nor was he fast enough to catch the corpse that had been thrown at him. Rod's fat body slammed straight into Nick's chest, though the lion didn't fall, he could feel his bones protesting against the force of the throw.

"Fuck, he killed Rod!" Another pained squawk from Billy, "Stop fucking around with him! Kill him!"

Nick let out a low growl, "He should be dead by now! Fuck…" He was keeping his brown eyes on the monster in human form, though he could smell Rod's stench beneath him, the poor man had shit himself after his death.

"Fuck this! I'm transforming." Nick could give Billy some points for still even being conscious with the amount of blood he lost, but transforming?

"That's suicidal," Nari still hadn't moved, his eyes hidden by his bangs, and his blood crusted hands were balled out his side, "You organs will fail."

"Fuck off! If I'm going to die, so is he!" Nari still hadn't budged and Nick was tempted to take a chance and attack but something was off about the man, more than what he had already seen.

"Then hurry up!" Nick called back over his shoulder. That had been a bad idea, the second his eyes were taken off the juggernaut of a man, he was sent spiraling through the air by one of the most powerful kicks he had ever felt.

He hit the ceiling before he could go flying off too far, the knock to his noggin rattling his brain, and with the momentum gone, he fell back to the floor on his elbows and knees. He looked up in time to catch sight of a shoeless feet coming towards his face.

He didn't have enough to stop it, his body went tumbling into the nearby wall, the soccor kick to the head knocking him into a daze, but not quite unconscious. He tried to raise but another kick sent him back against the wall, this one breaking two of his ribs and bruising his spine.

'Jesus, what is he? He shouldn't be this strong!' Nothing had ever really hurt Nick before, it was hard to get past the large amounts of muscle on his body, but whoever this man was he…

He was breaking things Nick thought unbreakable. This guy, "H-hurry up!" Now Nick was rushing Billy, he  needed the heat off of him. It looked like he'd have to transform as well, otherwise… He'd get to Ion and for some reason he was sure this monster would kill him.

Ask and so it shall be. Behind Nari, a streak raced across the floor. Billy had grown at least a foot in height with arms as thick as Nick's, but much wirier, fur had grown over his face and body, and his snout had grown longer.

Nari managed to turn towards the sound of the creature but could do no more than that. Billy tackled him around the waist, forcing him to the ground, and began to hack away at his face and chest with his clawed fingers. Billy's movements were frantic and out of control.

Pieces of Nari's face gave way to those sharpened claws, his nose had been one of the first to go, blood from the missing extremity coating the bone, though the blood did little to hide the two cavities. Bits of his cheek had been peeled away, showing the bone and muscle beneath, his left ear had a chunk taken out of it.

The white jacket he was forced to wear was in tatters around the chest and looked like it had been dyed in blood, which it had, bits of white flesh clung to the fabric. It wasn't a pretty sight but still he breathed. He didn't cry out either, he just grimaced and took each and every shot the rat gave him.

He couldn't do much else, his arms were pinned by the rats thighs, the damn thing was sitting on his pelvis.

So, you're going to let her down, are you? You're going to quit? Why don't you let me out until this little battle is over? Hm? Let me get some blood in! You're too weak! Too inexperienced! I know how to use my powers and I know how to do it well. Let. Me. Out.

Nari wasn't sure that was a great idea but he really didn't want to test the limits of his healing, and… It was right, he was stuck and if he was there, he couldn't save her. Slowly, he let his mind drift away, letting itself be overcome by the darkness of his own mind.

Billy didn't know what hit him.

One second he was turning the Cateran's face into shredded paper, the next, his body was being lifted off the ground by a tongue.

A tongue.

A fucking tongue.

Not only that, but the tongue actually crushing his windpipe. He tried to cast his eyes down past his snout to see the person who was doing it, but the way the muscle was gripping him, he found it nearly impossible to crane his head down.

Billy reached up his clawed hand and slid his claws through the tongue, managing to cut enough through it to force the bloodied Cateran to drop him and suck his tongue back into his mouth. "Blah! Oi, you fucker! I need that to taste!"

When Billy looked towards the speaker, his eyes widened. Nari didn't have a scratch on him. His nose had grown back, his ear had stitched back together, all of the work he put into tear his face apart seemed to have been nullified. The only evidence he had been hurt was what was left of the blood rolling down to his chin and dripping to the floor.

"No way…"  

"Way, bitch!" Nari lifted his arms up into the air and grinned ear to ear, "Let the games… Begin!" With the last word, he dropped his hands and an explosion of black gas shot out from around his feet and expanded outwards. The gas rose high in the air, blocking out the flourcent lights, and still it expanded.

"Are you afraid of the dark?"
Part 1 of this 2 part story. The dark side's out, now what the hell's gonna happen next? We've seen a fight between monsters and what appears to be a nearly immortal Nari.

This is about 5,000 words and while I know what happens next, I haven't really felt like writing it all out quite yet, but I'll post a second part once I'm done with it... If'n I actually get a few comments this time around. Sheesh.

As always, Fiona belongs to :iconed-the-fourth:
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